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Drs. M. Dwi Cahyono MHum was born in the small town, Tulungagung on July 28, 1962.

His father is an Army (TNI AD) and mother’s teacher. He went to study at history on Education Department at IKIP Malang. He also became a theatre and mountaineering club student. His master degree of Archaeology at the PPS of Universitas Indonesia and his Doctor at the Universitas Airlangga , specializing in Anthropology–history.

He is also a lecturer in the Department of History of FIS Universitas Malang (formerly Teachers’ Training College Malang) since 1998 until present.

Drs. M. Dwi Cahyono MHum active as an expedition speaker with Harian Kompas, i.e: Ekspedisi Bengawan Solo (2007)’,’Ekspedisi Jalan Raya Pos (2008)’, maupun ‘Ekspedisi Cincin Api (2011). Together with TV7, he become a speaker of Islamisasi Jawa on the Salamun ya Ramadhan show (2004), Bumi-Manusia with TV One (2010), Metro TV with Melawan Lupa (2012) and TVRI (2012-2013). Currently with Harian Malang Post, he involves into Ekspedisi Samala (2014) and now become Ekspedisi Hulu Brantas (2014).



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